Dear Black Parents of our Bougie Black A****,

The after college struggle is real so anybody who tells yall that it is not is lying.  Parents STOP telling us that we are being lazy because we are on our computers applying for jobs and perfecting our resumes all day.  I am sorry but if you have not noticed the way we apply for jobs has changed.   Even for the most basic of minimum wage jobs make you apply alone and if you come to their business asking for a job they are going to tell you to apply online at home or put you at a computer to apply online at.

Everything has gone digital now and our parents do not want to move with the times and think everything is still the old fashion way. We try to explain this and our parents will continue to think and say that we feel like we are too good for any ole job because we got our fancy degrees now. That is not the case! If we’ve learned anything in college we learn how to not waste money because just as real as the after college struggle is the in college struggle is just as real.  Why waste our gas on driving around looking for jobs when all the company is going to do is tell us to apply online.  We can call over the phone to confirm that we need to apply online. Parents do you even know that on some of the jobs that we apply for they tell us in the job opening to not even call to ask about your status or they will disqualify you from the position.

We worked our butts off in college, network, and internships both unpaid and paid so we can see it pay off. So no we are not sorry that we do not want to lower our standards just for any little job that does not even relate to our field. Having the money is great, yes but it’s not benefiting us if we are not getting any experience built up on our resume to our dream career job. So if we are Bougie for that well I guess our Bougie A**** will continue to be Bougie Hustlers wanting more than just a minimum wage job taking us nowhere. We value more of our freedom in careers, not just the money because when we start our family we want to do a better job of being there for our kids and setting them up for success better than our parents did.

-Remember don’t just be Bougie Be a BOUGIE ASS HUSTLER

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