Bougie Goals = Cutting People off

girl on step

Dear Bougie Black people,

You are the type of people who have goals and goals that will take you away from your friends or people who you thought were your real friends. When you take time out to step away from people and just focus on yourself and what you need to do to better yourself your friendships will be tested. People are going to feel like you don’t rock with them anymore and you don’t care about them but that isn’t the case and if they were your true friends they would know better.

When your friendship is tested you really start to think back on how much of true friends you guys really were and what are you benefiting from staying friends with this person. Does this person help your growth in any way and if not let it go. When you get where you want to be and while you are on your journey to get there you have to surround yourself with people and things that are helping your growth. Surround yourself with positivity and people who are working just as hard as you. These are the people who are going to be in your corner and truly support you when the time is needed.

During this period you are going to get called stuck up and bougie and everything in between but so what let them talk. At the end day, they are not paying a bill for you or putting food in your mouth. Being a Bougie Black Person with goals is Great and do not let anybody else tell you different. You have plans to be even better examples as future adults and parents than what you were exposed too. You want to be that person that people look up too and not just looking side ways at because you got your ish together. You are even going to get the shade from your family but so the F*** What. While they seating around talking trash about you to others in their mind they are more jealous of your growth. Instead of them asking how can they get where you are they will continue to throw shade and this my Bougie Black people is why they will not grow and more of a reason you won’t have a problem CUTTING THEM OFF!

3 thoughts on “Bougie Goals = Cutting People off

  1. This is 1000% real! People don’t like to see you doing better than them so if they notice you’re working hard on your goal and actually making great progress, they will find anything negative to say about you. Oh well!

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    1. Love your comment! Negativity is worst and it is even more worse when it comes from people you really thought supported you and find they don’t. Which means you have to block them out of your life to focus on your goals and not their negative thoughts.

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