Yes Queens you can have it all but are you getting to enjoy all that you have

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Dear Bougie Black Career Driven QUEENS,

Yes, we can have it all, we can do everything under the sun and our men wonder how we do it every day. We make it look easy but we know it really is not and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do what we do on a daily basis. Relax my queens, relax take a moment to realize you are going to have to changes some things to enjoy all of your hard work.  In this blog post, I am going to give you some tips on things you can change or let go so you can enjoy all of the positive things in your life.

1.STOP stressing over a relationship & Just have fun 

One of the top things career driven women tend to do is work hard and realize dang I don’t have a relationship.  SO THE FUCK WHAT! When we realize it we start to stress over it, you can’t stress over it; you have to just to let it come naturally. The right person is going to come along when you least expect. I am not saying don’t make time for it but don’t focus all your time and energy on it like it is the end of the world. When you stress and eventually do go on a date your stress and nervousness will show so just relax. Do you and Make your Money Boo trust me you will find your equal.

2. Put what is really more important to yourself 1st

You work so hard to keep up with work, family and everything else in between that you just never stop and realize you are killing yourself making everybody else happy. You can not do that! You have to legit learn how to tell people NO  and let them become independent. You will never get things done that you need to get done if you don’t create some type of order and put in perspective what is more important; pleasing everyone or your sanity.

3. Change your Daily routine sometimes

Change up your daily routine because keeping the same routine you start to notice how boring your life gets. It can be as little as waking up a little bit earlier to workout or to get a longer workout in. Little changes like this relieve stress and start your day off happier and healthier.  Make changes in your daily routine might just help you run into the man of your dreams you have been worrying about.  This also allows for you to avoid unnecessary people you don’t want to deal with at times because they know your daily routine or know how to get something out of you at your variable moments of the day.

Now go plan a darn trip somewhere & be happy

and enjoy all your hard work!

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