Why It Is Okay To Stay In Most Weekends

Dear Non-Bougie Black People,

NO, we do not want to go out with you all every freaking weekend. No this does not make us stuck up or even more Bougie as some people would like to say. To be honest, after having to be around people all day every day from work for our own sanity we want to be left alone. As we get older the turn-up life is just not fun anymore. It is cool to do it every once in a while at random or when friends are in town but not every weekend. I literally can not see how people be ready to get Lit every freaking weekend it is too much. So for my Non-Bougie Black People here are things we rather do or doing while we are not out getting Lit every weekend!


While yall are out turning up, our Bougie Butts are in the house trying to figure out what is the next thing we can get my hands into for another stream of income. It is great to turn up but when we turn up we want to be able to turn up and not regret all the money we just blew going out. We want everything thing that we do to be a great experience to the fullest. We never settle for just one thing going on in our lives we have to have multiple streams. We want to be at a point in our lives that even we are not working our bank account is steady getting deposits.

2. Planning Our Next Trip

Our Bougie Butts like to travel like it is nobodies business. We see no point in blowing money every weekend to turn up.  Honestly, we rather turn up international; it is a whole other experience.  You don’t just get to turn up but you get to experience a whole other culture and really gain something from it.  So yes Non-Bougie Black People we are probably in the house putting money aside for our next big trip. We want to experience every bit of this lavish trip we are about to go on.  We spend our money on great experiences, not just a quick Lituation!

3. Catching Up On Our Shows

Yes, we enjoy spending our weekends eating popcorn and drinking wine getting caught up on all of our shows. Yall can call us lame but seriously we don’t care one bit. This is our time that we don’t have to be bothered with other people and not think about what whatever might be going bad in our lives. We just zone out and be entertained by somebody else’s life. Do Not call us venting with your drama; go enjoy your turn up life. We don’t want to hear about how you wish you never went out the night before. Let us watch our shows that we don’t get to watch because we always working or traveling.

4. Brunch

We may not like to turn up all night but count our Bougie Butts In for the Brunch Turn Up lol! we like to do morning-evening events because that means we get to be back in our house and relax. Brunch at the right location we get the calmness, light turn-up, drinks, good convo, and amazing food. This is the perfect event where we get to be our Bougie self and be around Bougie Black People like ourselves. Just in case we do get drunk at brunch this is an early event that we will be able to recover from early and be up and ready early the next morning. We know this won’t be an all day event and we might go do something else for like an hour after brunch and we can go home and officially say we did our partying for the weekend lol.


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