Why you should STOP telling single people to lower their dating standards!

Dear Non-Bougie Black People,

The dating world has changed so much and people don’t value relationships the way they use to anymore. Just because everybody does not treat relationships like people once did before does not mean you should tell people they should lower their standards. NO! This is the last thing you should do because when it is all said and done you are going to be the one not completely happy not the person telling you to lower your standards.  In this blog, I am going to give reasons why you should stop telling single people to lower their standards.

1. We want what is going to make us happy

Just because you decided to go without and feel like you found happiness, not everybody is built like that. Some people have standards that they don’t want to break because they are different places in their lives than what you are; they won’t just going to accept anything. I am not saying they can’t be relaxed on some things but when it is too far out of their comfort zone it does not work for them. They want to be happy with somebody that is just as equal as they are. No, they are not knocking a brother or a sister that may have a job and other things in order. Just those things alone don’t satisfy somebody with high standards.

2. We need somebody who hustles just as hard as we do

Let’s be honest money isn’t everything but it also can make or break a relationship. So if you are somebody who is successful your standards are going to be high when it comes to finance. They don’t have to make the same amount as you but you want somebody who is close to it or at least positively working in that direction. If you have multi-streams of income coming in, you are going to be with somebody who has that same mindset. Not somebody who is just content and not looking for growth career wise. You are going to want somebody that you can come to and be like “Baby what is the next money move that we can come together and make a major profit from”.

3. We need somebody who is  open-minded when it comes to travel

On top of having someone who is hustle hard, we need somebody who is always ready to get up and go and travel. We need a break from our busy crazy life and every once in a while we want to dip out and go on a beacation.  We want a break from the rest of the world with somebody who is always ready to go we can have a good open conversation with. Experience new things with culture wise with. Do not tell us to lower our standards and you present us with somebody who has never been on a plane or boat before and not open to doing so.  Trust me it is a lot of brothers out here who are like this. 

4. We want to be full attracted to this person

People are always telling single people to lower your standards with “he/she is not all that cute but everything about him is great”. NO !!!! WE DON’T WANT THIS!  It is not wrong for us to want somebody that we are attracted to in full. When I say be attracted to, I don’t just mean because a person has good looks and sexually. We want looks, mental, drive and more. To the point that the simplest of things that he/she does turns us on. We want to be able to look at them and be like Damn how did I get so lucky.  When that person talks you’re just weak, like thank god somebody who is actually talking about something I really take interest or really taking an interest into me. When you are not fully attracted someone every little thing they say or do will annoy the hell out of you. We really want to be turned on by this person in every way possible, not somebody that we look at and we feel like we are settling because on paper everything else is great about them.

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